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Tribal/Regional Center Lookup

Many tribal nations in California offer health, education, and other social services to tribal members and their families. This Tribal/Regional Center Lookup was created to assist Regional Center staff, tribal staff and other service providers to find information about and locate culturally driven services for tribal members and their families. In addition to the information that is provided, we recommend contacting the Tribe’s main number to ask about additional services. If you are assisting an individual whose tribe is not located in California, we recommend contacting their tribe directly first – you may find contact information through the Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Leaders Directory. It may also be helpful to search for urban Indian organizations or culturally specific resources in their region.

This information is updated regularly, but we cannot ensure that all information is the most current and complete. Please always contact the tribe or organization directly. Contact us at contact@caltribalfamilies.org if you notice a listing that needs to updating.

This resource was created as a part of the Protecting and Strengthening Tribal Families with Developmental Disabilities Project. To read more about this project and other resources available, visit us at: https://caltribalfamilies.org/early-start/.

In addition to the resources found in this tool, you may also find the following resources useful: Crisis Services for Indigenous People directory; Urban Indian Health Services directory; The Native Community Data Profiles tool; and a Statewide Directory of Services for Native Americans maintained by the Judicial Council of California.

Yurok Tribe

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