One tenet of the California Tribal Families Coalition’s work is the focused tracking and strengthening of California state legislation for the benefit of tribes, tribal communities, and tribal children. The Coalition is once again very much immersed in the 2022 legislative session.

First, we are tracking bills as they emerge. We are specifically focused on proposed legislation that may not appear to affect the interests of member tribes but has collateral impacts on tribal child welfare or Indian children in state child welfare. Second, we are networking with stakeholders in family and child welfare to ensure your voices are heard as legislative proposals hit critical stages. Third, the Coalition regularly sponsors key legislation related to improving child welfare for tribes and Indian children and families.

We need your support!

Coalition-sponsored legislation and accompanying budget proposals need your support now more than ever. Please consider using the below template support letters to express support for budget asks related to the AB 1862 Tribally Approved Homes Compensation Program & the Legal Counsel for Tribes Project. Instructions are included in each template:

  1. Legal Counsel for Tribes Project Budget Proposal – Template Support Letter     |     LC4T Fact Sheet
  2. Tribally Approved Homes Compensation Program Budget Proposal – Template Support Letter
  3. AB 1862 – Template Support Letter     |     AB 1862 Fact Sheet