Tribal Foster Youth and Extended Foster Care Benefits

Are you an affected tribal youth or do you know an affected tribal youth in foster care who lost access to extended foster care benefits?

Tribal Youth - Continuing Access to Benefits

It has come to the attention of California Tribal Families Coalition that a number of tribal children in extended foster care are losing critical extended foster care benefits, including housing and monthly foster care maintenance payments. The explanation to tribes and their tribal youth for this loss in benefits is described as youth becoming ineligible for benefits when receiving tribal trust fund distributions upon reaching the ages of 18 and 21. CTFC has found evidence that this analysis is incorrect and have raised this issue with CDSS. We would like to assist tribal youth and need to gather information to determine next steps.

  • First and Last Name
  • If none, please write "N/A."
  • Provide a brief description about how you/affected tribal foster youth lost extended foster care benefits (include name of affected foster youth, date when benefits were lost, county of the affected tribal youth was a dependent, tribal affiliation, etc).

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