CTFC is implementing a strategic plan designed to promote tribal sovereignty over state public school systems and to ensure that tribal, child welfare, and education systems work together to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of tribal youth. As a part of this plan, CTFC began hosting a two-year Equal Justice Works Fellowship Project, led by Breanna Bollig and sponsored by the Danaher Corporation that is specifically focused on education issues for tribal youth.  

Recently, CTFC released the report, California’s Failure to Support Native Students: Raising Awareness of Education Disparities Impacting Native Youth with Disabilities and Native Foster Youth.  

To better understand the needs of tribal youth in education systems, CTFC started information gathering in 2024. CTFC released a tribal survey, Identifying Barriers to Education for Tribal Youth and Tribal Foster Youth, and is hosting listening sessions on education issues. Listening session and survey responses will inform educational training and resources developed by CTFC.  

The Equal Justice Works Fellowship Project will support tribes and tribal families in providing education advocacy for tribal youth in California, and will raise awareness that students with complex trauma have a right to additional support in schools.  

In addition to developing educational resources and trainings, CTFC’s Legal Counsel for Tribes (LC4T) Program is implementing a screening process to identify and address education issues for tribal foster youth. Please sign up for CTFC’s Mailing List on Education Issues to receive materials, event information, and updates involving education for tribal youth in California.   

Educational Materials & Resources:  

Event Information – https://caltribalfamilies.org/ctfccalendar/  

Recent Reports on Education for Tribal Youth