AB 1055 (Ramos) Approved by Assembly Education Committee

AB 1055, one of the two bills CTFC is sponsoring with State Assembly Member James Ramos as the author, was approved by the Assembly Education Committee with bipartisan vote of 7 to 0 on Wednesday, April 7. AB 1055 is a bill to fix an implementation issue with a prior bill (AB 1962) regarding foster children in tribal court and education entitlements. AB 1962 was not a CTFC bill, but an effort certainly supported by the tribal community. The goal of AB 1962 was to have children under tribal court jurisdiction that attend public school to get the same educational benefits that all children in foster care get. Unfortunately, AB 1962 has been difficult to implement, so CTFC agreed to sponsor a bill to fix a few issues that will allow these protections for tribal children to be fully realized. If AB 1055 is enacted all California foster youth – those under supervision of the county or tribal court systems – will receive the attention they need to achieve success in school.

View the press release here or visit Assembly Member Ramos’ website here.

Visit our post below “CTFC Sponsored Legislation” for more information about AB 1055.

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